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kitchen remodeling services Coastal Contracting
kitchen remodeling services Coastal Contracting

You Can Stay In Your Treasured Home

You may not want to leave your home, but it isn’t meeting the needs of you or your family anymore.

There are plenty of reasons why your home isn’t working for you anymore. Maybe you’re working from home now, a relative is moving in, your home is outdated, etc.

This could mean having to leave the home and community where you and your loved ones have made precious memories together. Or, you could do a whole home renovation or home addition project!

A whole home renovation will give your space the look and feel of a new home, but you’re still in the same area. An addition will add more usable space. Let’s help you be able to stay in your treasured home.

Here are a few of the most popular whole home renovations and additions homeowners are adding:

Upgraded Fixtures

Upgraded Finishes

Structural Support


Screened-In Porch

Extended Outdoor Living Area

kitchen remodeling services Coastal Contracting

Your Home Can't Do This Alone

Your home can’t adjust itself to meet you and your family’s changing needs and lifestyles.

You may need it to be more spacious, have an updated look, or create new rooms. Instead of wasting time looking for a house that has everything you need, do a whole home renovation or home addition!

Open up your first floor so it’s more spacious, install a modern color scheme and design, and create the rooms you and your family need.

Then you won’t need to deal with mortgages, loans, realtors, or agents.

Let’s help your home be able to meet your and your family’s needs.

How Our Whole home renovations and additions service works

Here's a brief overview of our 11 step program that ensures our clients have a great time while getting the home they and their family need.

Complete Our Form

Give us the details of your project along with pictures of the space you want us to upgrade.

The Remodel Begins

We’ll work together to create a design you love. Then, we’ll get to work remodeling your space.

Savor Your Space

Start using and loving the new or upgraded space you brought into your home.

whole home renovations and additions pricing

Coastal Contracting will create a beautiful, functional renovation and provide you with an incredible experience. Once you see the design, not to mention your completed space, you'll see the value in the cost.

Base Whole Home Renovation And Addition*


Let us create a picture-perfect basement or attic for you! We will perform a significant renovation, altering the existing structure, or solving for structural support issues. We can alter the structure and/or look of the home including adding dormers and altering the roofline. We can also add both a kitchenette and bathroom to the space to make it complete!

Median Whole Home Renovation And Addition*


Let us transform and upgrade your home by adding height and square footage by adding a two-story addition. We will create even more value and make this a livable space by including a roomy primary suite and bathroom.

High-End Whole Home Renovation And Addition*


Let us give your home a complete makeover to create your dream home. This includes expanding your home by 2-3x! We can redo or add a primary suite, kitchen, bathroom. We can also transform your outdoor living area to be a more enjoyable space.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your whole home renovation and addition and your choice of upgrades and materials. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique whole home renovation or addition remodeling project after the in-house consultation.

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These beautiful pictures are from projects clients in Richmond, Virginia had us do for them.

Here's What Our Customers Say...

For us, it is an honor and a joy to improve our clients' lives. You can read their reviews below to find out what they thought about working with us.

Coastal Contracting helped us rebuild after a water loss in our kitchen. What started out as a simple dishwasher install on our end turned into an abatement and remodel that We had always wanted. Kwan and her skillful crew moved quickly and efficiently to upgrade my home. We took down walls, installed beam, all new cabinets and all new floors. The drywall and painting are top notch. I highly recommend coastal contracting to anyone looking for a general contractor!

Audra M. Callahan

I hired Coastal Contracting for a last minute bathroom remodel on an extremely tight schedule and boy did they deliver! Everyone who worked on the job was courteous, professional, and skilled. They even worked over the weekend to make sure we stayed on schedule after my new bathtub arrived damaged from the manufacturer. All this and the bid was extremely competitive too. I’m very happy with the finished result and would absolutely hire them again having seen their commitment to keeping the client satisfied.

Catherine Dean

I got to involve the company in remodeling some wasted space near my bedroom. They did not only modify the space, but they assisted me to buy and install the necessary items. They did a splendid job such that now I have a beautiful self-contained bedroom. I am forever grateful, and I am not done with them yet. I intend to work with them in some more remodeling in the near future.

Marquez Mitei Kirui

Coastal Contracting is one of the best businesses I’ve worked with in years! They always made sure I was aware of what they were doing to my house and that I approved of it. I had so many questions because it was a little bit of a confusing process, but they were so patient and made sure to answer all of my questions. I’ve never seen such quality work! They’re definitely going to be on the top of my call list next time I need to remodel something in my house.

Lucy Ferri

They were professional.The project manager Chuck was great he answered any questions we had.He met the contractors there every morning he made sure they knew what they had to do. I would definitely refer Coastal Contracting to my friends.Our remodel of our basement turn out beautiful.Thank you.

Alrina Nicholson

Over the years of doing business in this industry, I have always recommended Coastal Contracting for services not offered by my company. Coastal has always been on schedule for me. Even though other contractors are many months out, Coastal is there to save the day. Cameron, Kwan, and the entire Coastal team has been a pleasure to work with.

May Cheung

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High Quality General Contractor Services In Richmond, Virginia | Residential & Commercial

Monday - Friday: 8am-5pm

High Quality General Contractor Services In Richmond, Virginia | Residential & Commercial

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